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Cadence Films is a global production company with offices in New York and Paris, working across commercials, music videos, short form, and digital content.

We represent a roster of directors with unmistakable individual styles who act as artists, storytellers, and advertisers, and bring unusual eyes and edge to every project. This sets them apart from their peers and has made Cadence Films a production destination for visionary brands, agencies, and artists in the entertainment and advertising industries.

The successes of our roster are deep and varied, from cult classic features, to projects that reimagined filmmaking with artists like David Bowie and Kanye West, to campaigns for brands ranging from Nike to Volkswagen, and everything in between.

Our directors have shown at museums across the world, have several VMA wins and nominations, three César Awards, a Lumières Award, and a Best Director award from the Cannes Film Festival.

Please say hello to New York or Paris.